Increasing Women Participation in Blockchain Sectors

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The technology and financial industries are famously male-dominated and frequently act as gatekeepers.

Presently, the blockchain sector shares the same characteristics as the traditional industry. Despite the fact that more women are investing in cryptocurrencies, males still hold the bulk of the employment in the industry. This may be due to a variety of factors, including the income disparity between men and women, as well as a lack of investment for women-led blockchain companies. According to one study, female applicants looking for computer employment were offered 3% lower pay than male ones.

In the investment world, the issue of the old boys’ club is nothing new. Women often complain about being mistreated, harassed, blocked out, or having to work much more for success and promotions than their male counterparts. One would expect that the fintech world of the twenty-first century would be different, yet evidence suggests otherwise. Even in the digital realm of finance, when it comes to investment and employment, the balance remains unbalanced.

However, there are a growing number of female leaders in the blockchain business who are working to ensure more diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. Women will have a greater say in how blockchain technology is used as a result of this.

Women’s Blockchain Events 

Such events are created to encourage women to enter the blockchain sector. Anne Fauvre-Willis, Chief Operating Officer of Oasis Labs, moderated two distinct panels featuring women during the Blockchain Leaders Mentorship online event. The panelists had the opportunity to talk about their work and participation with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

These kinds of activities may really assist in establishing a place where women can become more active and discover opportunities that will help them advance. Hearing the success stories of women in the IT business and how they got started might inspire younger women to become engaged. According to Fauvre-Willis, the event provided a terrific chance for women to learn about crypto and blockchain, as well as the transition from finance to fintech careers.

Getting Involved in Blockchain: Finding Inspiration

Women working in the blockchain technology field might benefit greatly from such gatherings since they can meet other women who share their interests. Even listening to a panel discussion may inspire women who don’t have the technical skills that many people assume you need to keep active.

Many female leaders working with blockchain businesses share this sentiment. Maria Sabando is a Miami community activist who arranged a women’s program at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference. The Mermaid Night event, which aims to promote other women, may be a terrific way to encourage people to participate. 

Sabando discovered that just 15% of women are expected to attend the Bitcoin 2021 Conference. Many other cryptocurrency conferences are in the same boat. She says, “The mermaid happy hour event endeavors to be the ‘must attend’ event for the crypto community to directly connect with their favorite #cryptotwitter female persona. Given that the space is already underrepresented, we wanted to create an approachable environment during the conference days to raise the interest from women that may be curious but intimidated.”

Anna Vladi, the creator of Women4blockchain, stated that although decentralized financial firms are popular, they are mostly male-dominated. Vladi often discusses the fear that women may have when it pertains to joining the IT and blockchain professions. It is critical to provide educational events and courses for women in order to promote their engagement in Bitcoin.

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